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Warren's Work Stuff - theposthumans

Gertrude Yorkes - Business partner & Consultant (Manhattan)

Bobby Drake - Accountant (Truth or Consequences)

Anya Corazon - Rio Grande Natural Springs Resort, Property Management maintenance
Aurora - Rio Grande Natural Springs Resort; reception
Laurel Gand - Import Donation Fund
John Egbert - Rio Grande Natural Springs Resort; management
Vriska Serket - Rio Grande Natural Springs Resort; house cleaning
Eridan - Pool Boy Maintenance

X-Men Rosters for Seattle, Manhattan, and Truth or Consequences

Import Donation Fund/Safehouse

M'Gann Morzz - Tenant
Vriska Serket - Tenant

More information on Rio Grande Natural Springs Resort and the Apartment complex on S Pershing St are located here under the Truth or Consequences locations.

AU Background for <a href

After several months of living without his memories, Warren's mind finally became restored when the Jean Grey School's team of X-Men returned to the Tabula Rasa. There, Angel was confronted by the inhabitants (and their genius-level intellect) who saw him as their world's creator. They wanted to study him. Learn more about who he truly was. Angel was separated from the rest of the team and spent days undergoing many experiments.

Upon learning that there were some blank spots in Angel's memories, the Tabula Rasa inhabitants did some brain scans and probing to work out the problem. However, they were only able to get 3/4 of the way done before Wolverine's team crashed the party to get their teammate back. The "Angel" persona was left as a residual identity alongside Warren's original one. Combined with the continuing presence of the Celestial life seed, Warren was transformed into a calm, peaceful version of his older self.

The X-Men brought him back to the school and he was able to reunite with old friends Hank, Bobby, and Betsy. They fully explained what happened to him that caused the mind damage (as well as how Tabula Rasa came to existence). Warren had a lot of self-reflecting to do, and decided it would be best to leave the school to do that. Bobby was worried about letting him do that on his own, and decided to follow along.

They returned to the Aerie in Colorado and Warren eventually took back his role as CEO of Worthington Industries. However, Warren decided that Victor and Hisako had done such good work with the Board of Directors that he wanted to keep them on. He became a more official mentor to them, and now stocks are higher than they have been in over a decade.

Minor tweak to canon: Warren found out about his children. Instead of Kang having taken them from their mother, Betsy and Ororo's X-Force team battled it out with Clan Akkaba and retrieved the children when their mother (and many of the clan) were killed in the crossfire. The children were brought to Wolverine's school for protection, but Warren took them along with him when he parted ways.

So when he's not working for his family's company, he is a full-time father with help from his best friend, Bobby Drake.

Other notes: With regards to Warren's powers, he is still stuck with the metal wings. He also still has access to Angel's Celestial powers: concussive light beams, resurrection, superhuman intellect, and the ability to see "into" people's souls (he can determine if they are good, evil, lost souls, etc.)